To use the IoT-Suite API calls, customer has to perform authentication with his IoT-Suite credentails. An ID token is generated after authentication that can be used in Postman and Swagger. This ID token can be copied from the GUI and can be used for authentication in Swagger OpenAPI and Postman.

Note: You can still generate a Token using our Postman collection “IoT Device Manager Authorizer” as described here Authenticate to use the API calls in Postman

Easy Authentication

  1. Log in to connagtive IoT device suite dashboard with your user credentails.

  2. Under your avatar in top right corner, you will find a button to “Copy Token” to clipboard.

  3. Now you can use this token in Swagger IoT Suite - Swagger UI to “Authorize”

    This will open a window where you can enter Token in the format “Bearer <token>”

  4. Now you can use the API calls like:

    Sample response

  5. Same procedure can be used in Postman to authenticate instead of generating Token from Postman collection Authenticate to use the API calls in Postman


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