Focus of our License Rollout Feature

  • Securely activate features on embedded device

  • Reporting Engine for billing

  • Notifications

Single license entry in the overview screen

What is a license

  • A document that provides evidence that a user is allowed to use a certain resource

  • Representation

    • Textfile, holding arbitrary information

  • Example license file

"license_uuid": "b7eec1b8-7a83-4669-a8e3-c0798f769008",
"device_name": "phyBOARD-iMX8MM-52add50278e3",
"feature_name": "isoconnect-vrc__lifetime__generic",
"license_type": "lifetime",
"license_type_metadata": {
"device_uid": "0xddafd3306dd48af7",
"requested_by": "854b8bff-acbd-40b2-9dd4-1e62fc7e71fa",
"created_at_timestamp": 1636560027
"license_metadata": {
"custom_key": "1234-5678-91011",
"anyfields": "anyvalues",
"anyfields2": 1,
"anyfields3": [
"license_counter": 1,
"validity": "valid"
  • example signature file


Security Features

  • Individual per device

    • Prohibit license copying

    • Can be tracked down to the device of origin

  • Signature File

    • Authenticity can be verified

    • Integrity can be verified

    • Avoid license forging

  • Monitoring

    • Activation is logged with a monitoring trail

    • Deployment notification

    • Polling of status information

GUI Examples

Single license entry in the overview screen

License Types

Additional options

  • Possibility for trial licenses

  • License triggered could come from the embedded device

  • The verification of time-based and operating hours limited licenses needs special security precautions on the ECU/App

Main Use Cases

License Activation Flow