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This is our main component. It is written in C++ and can be compiled to many targets.

The Device Management Client (center) Is the main application and essential for the IoT Suite.


  • Mutual authentication to our AWS Back End

    • Mutual TLS using x.509 Certificates

    • Hardware key storage (see below “Hardware Security“) or file-based keys are supported

  • Automated onboarding and zero-touch provisioning

    • The device can itself register to the backend and will be recognized just in time

    • after this, all configurations and server onboarding in the backend is triggered

    • after that, all needed configuration files will be downloaded in place so all other applications like Remote Manager Client or Rauc Hawkbit Updater a function

  • Transmit local health and system parameters

    • Example datapoints are:

      • Linux disk space status

      • SW version information

      • RAUC information

      • Serial Number, MAC and Hardware Type

      • SIM ICCID Numbers

      • VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

      • Available networks coverage

      • system status

    • datapoints can be adapted by the customer in the configuration file

  • Deployment of files - (!= Software Update)

    • Used for files, configurations, parametrization, licenses can be deployed to each device individually

    • Security

      • Explicit allow-lists to specify which files and folders can be used

      • Non-listed files and folders will be rejected

  • Triggering remote commands and scripts

    • pre-defined jobs, tasks, scripts, … can be triggered by the back end

    • when the iot-client receives the trigger, it executes the required task

    • return codes will not be propagated to the backend, as this might lock control flow

    • Security

      • Explicit allow lists specify which binaries, scripts, … can be called

      • Non-listed calls will be rejected

  • Log 2 Cloud

    • Any application can log to a buffering local SQLite DB

    • Log entries are then transferred to the backend

Binary Information

Our client can be delivered as a pre-compiled binary. Alternatively, our customers can compile it from source.

Size: ~ 900kB

Common locations:

  • PHYTEC: /usr/bin/awsclient

  • BHtronik: /usr/bin/awsclient


For periodic calling via systsemd

systemctl start awsclient

Example: /lib/systemd/system/awsclient.service

Description=OSB AWS Client
ExecStartPre=/bin/ping -c 3 -w 7

Example: /lib/systemd/system/awsclient.timer

Description=Timer for executing OSB AWS Client periodically

Example: /etc/systemd/system/

Description=Timer for executing OSB AWS Client periodically

Configuration Options

See separate awsclient configuration page for details

Hardware Security

Our client supports OpenSSL and we support the use of:
Secure Elements

Trusted Platform Modules TPM

TPM 2 modules of other vendors should be compatible, as TPM is a standard


  • curl glib-2.0

  • glib-2.0-native

  • json-glib

  • openssl

  • sqlite3

Origin and License

AWS SDK for connecting to AWS IoT from a device using C++ used as basis

It is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License

Open Source Information

As not required by the Apache 2.0 License our adaptions to the AWS project are not publicly available yet.

(info) Nevertheless, our clients and integration partners get full access to our source repo to be able to inspect and build the components on their own.