Preparations at OSB connagtive

Step 1) Flash the Image on the SD-Card for the Demonstrator.

Step 2) Run the TPM Provisioning Script and import the CSR to our XCA database. Issue the certificate and copy it to the Device.

Important Note: You have to copy the entire certificate chain on the device (from the bottom of the chain to the top where the top is the root certificate). At least this is the case when you want to trigger the JITR using mosquitto.

Step 3) Store the certificate in the TPM/SE.

Step 4) Add the device to the iot_demonstrator_customer_mapping table in AWS DynamoDB. Also check if there is already an entry for the customer in the iot_customer_config table.

Optional Step 5) Test the entire onboarding process and use the wiping script after that.

Happens at the customer

Step 1) The customer connects the Device to the Internet.

Step 2) The AWS Client gets triggered for the first, second and third time.

Step 2.1) When the AWS Client runs for the first time, it will trigger the JITR (Just In Time Registration)