2022-10 Release

NEW: Customer specific device names

You can set an individual device name for better organization

NEW: Admin and User Remarks

Store some notes on the device “Meta“ page and have a simple logging service.

The API calls are integrated into the Fleet-Management Service

New API calls for custom device names, user and admin comments.

API: https://openapi.iot-suite.io/#/01-05-FleetManagement

2022-07 Release

Unified Notification Service

  • Allows to send Notification based on events or timed

  • Notifications send via E-Mail or Webhook

  • Can be used to semnd Notification into a MS Teams Channel

  • First implemenetation: Administation via OSB Support Team

2021-11 Release

NEW: License Rollout Feature

  • (New) Get all customer licenses for a user

  • (New) Get the rolled out licenses for a device

  • (New) Show the rolled out license information in a Pop up

  • (New) Rollout/Order a license for a device

Screenshot of the License feature. Enabling the “ISOconnect SC“ section control feature on an IoT device.

API calls for the new license feature of the IoT Suite

API: https://openapi.iot-suite.io/#/02-06-LicenseFeature

2021-10 Release

Device management GUI Updates

  • (New) showing user status information from cognito in a Pop up window

  • (New) feature to delete disabled Cognito users for master admins

  • (Changed) improved user and customer administration pages

  • (Changed) change Job Hstory Table for File Manager

  • (New) implement "Load More Jobs" button for File Manager

  • (Change) change Job History Table for Remote Command

  • (New) implement "Load More Jobs" button Remote Command

  • (Changed) change the Login mechanism

  • (Changed) changes in the Change Password page

2021-04 Release

Phytec Dev Kit Integration

  • Phytec GUI Customizations

  • API calls to add Phytec devices to an existing Account

2021-03 Release

Logging Feature

See: Retreive log messages

Architecture of logging Feature
Logging Information visible in the Cloud
Logging Feature API

API calls: https://openapi.iot-suite.io/#/02-04-Logging

2021-02 Release

  • Added TOTP Mechanism to the API and GUI

  • Enable OTP

  • Disable OTP

  • Manage OTP

  • Session timeout set to 30 minutes

MFA added with a TOPT mechnism.

2021-01 Release

Hawkbit API Integration in the device details page

  • Retrieve Update History for a device

  • trigger updates (of predefined, tagged, Software bundles)

  • Show latest information of a device, like last pull

  • No dedicated hawkbit server is needed

Remote Maintenance Tasks

  • Predefined and white-listed maintenance tasks

  • Triggered via GUI or REST-API call

2020-11 Release

Generic File Download

  • (New) Send arbitrary files to the devices

  • (New) Allowed files and patterns are hardcoded in local configuration

  • (New) Files can be uploaded via REST-API or GUI

  • (New) Status of each file is trackable and logged

WhereverSIM Data Synchronization Service

  • (New) API calls are now redirected to whereverSIM portal directly

  • (New) Actions: Activate/Deactivae SIM

  • (New) Actions: Activate/Deactivae Endpoint

  • (New) Actions: Lock/Unlock IMEI Lock

  • (New) Fleet status is now retrieved just in time (no cache)

  • (New) Showing SIM and Endpoint Events

  • (New) Management Page for Admins only - Activate SIM cards

2020-10 Release

Device management GUI Updates

  • (New) Added password reset feature for users

  • (Changed) to verification by link instead of verification code for better usability

  • (New) added change password for users

  • (Changed) improved user and customer administration pages

  • (New) showing user status from cognito (confirmed, active)

  • (New) feature to quickly disable users for master admins

  • (New) Quick device search on home screen

2020-09 Release

Speed Improvements for GUI

  • (Changed) Quicker response times in the GUI

  • (Changed) Database optimizations using indexes and new API calls

One Time Password Generation for Remote Access to Embedded devices

  • (New) Integration of OTPW API into central GUI

  • (New) Device Side: OTPW calculated with keys from Secure Element

2020-08 Release

Device management GUI Updates

  • fixing typos

  • fixed menu items visability

  • improved internal app routing

  • updated roadmap

  • removed some whitespaces for better copy and paste

  • BugFix GUI hanging under certain circumstances

2020-07 Release

Device management GUI Improvements

  • (New) Fleet Tables Many new filterable tables to get more insights about the whole fleet

  • (Changed) Health

  • (Changed) RAUC/Software

  • (Changed) WhereverSIM

  • (Changed) Administration / Ownership

  • (New) Usability and User Experience Changes

  • (New) Breadcrumb menu added

  • (Changed) Top Navigation changed

  • (New) Info / Support page with additional information and links added

  • (New) Change Log page created

  • (New) Feature Roadmap page created

  • (new) Footer added

  • (New) OSB CC-ESEC Logo added

IoT Device Demonstrator for yocto image for RPI

  • (New) yocto Linux image that support for RPI

  • (New) All device management clients ported to RPI

  • (New) Support for the IO Shield JoyIT Explore 700 (including, Display, DIO, AIO, Joystick, Temperature and Pressure Sensor)

  • (New) Support for A71CH Secure Element via I2C

Simple Key-Value Upload to Cloud aka. “shadow_commands”

  • (New) The customer can adapt a the IoT Client configuration to easily upload any values to the Back End

  • (New) Source for the value can be Scripts, Environment Variables, Parameters inside files

  • (New) Only adaption still needed are in the data parser

WhereverSIM Data Synchronization Service

  • (New) Sync Data from and to WhereverSIM portal

  • (New) Sync consumption data

  • (New) Sync endpoint Names back to WhereverSIM

2020-06 Release

Device management GUI Improvements

  • (Change) Major rework of the GUI, arranging data in Tabs

  • (Change) DynamoDB Query Improvements

  • (New) TeamViewer IoT Integration (Basic Level)

  • (New) WhereverSIM data synchronization and visualization

  • (New) WhereverSIM Endpoint name synchronization possible

Rauc-Hawkbit-Updater (C/C++)

  • (New) Integration of C/C++ version of Rauc-Hawkbit Client

  • (New) Download Management, Continue started downloads

  • Benefit: Massively saving connectivity costs

  • Benefit: Reduction of RootFS image size