Vulnerability Management / Software Update Management System

  • Manage SBOM (Software Bill of materials)

  • Manage Vulnerability handling

  • CVE Checker in yocto and Buildroot toolchain

  • daily or weekly builds and CVE checks

  • Recommendations and reports which devices to patch

Software Update Hirarchy

  • Update devices that are locally connected to a device that is already managed by IoT Suite

    • MGD: Managed Gateway Device

  • Like smaller ECU’s connected via local busses e.g. CAN

Performance improvements

  • Increase response times and

  • Improve UX in the WebGUI

    • Easy & Expert Mode

Access Management

  • User Access rights based on Roles

  • User defined Roles Like

    • EndCustomer (sees a subset of data)

    • Technician (can only see error messages)

    • Support (Can only view data - Read Only)

    • Update Manager (Can deploy software updates)

    • Admin (all functions)

Improved Fleet management capabilities

  • Trigger API calls not per device, but based on Tags and Groups

    • Sending Files

    • Triggering Commands

    • Software Updates (Already possible from within hawkBit)