What is the IoT Device Suite?

Quick Video Tour in less than 6 minutes

Security and privacy built in!

We strictly separate your sensitive information such as customer or application data from the
information we work with. Our IoT Device Manager only accesses those data which
are necessary for the security and management of your system.

IoT Suite Overview - Separation of Application IoT and Device Management Capabilities

In the grey marked area on the diagram
you can see your IoT applications, on which
you can fully concentrate. The orange area
shows the IoT Device Manager which docks
to your system and offers you the desired
security features.


Visit our Technical Reference for a detailes describtion of how to use and configure all components.

In our HowTo and Feature section you can see what it possible with the IoT device Suite.

Please don’t hesitate to ask for more information or a tour through our system. Our developers and architects are happy to explain all our system aspects and how they could fit into your IoT projects.

Mail us: support@iot-suite.io

Feature list with reference Links within our Knowledge Base



IoT Suite OTA - Feature

Software Updates Over The Air

HowTo including Video: Software Update

Component Details: RAUC Hawkbit Updater

RAUC Hawkbit Updater: GitHub - rauc/rauc-hawkbit-updater

External Link RAUC: https://www.rauc.io/

External Link SWUpdate: https://swupdate.org/

Creating SSH tunnels with managed Jump Hosts or VPN setups

HowTo including Video: Remote Access

Component Details: Remote Manager

Device Health Monitoring

Component Details: awsclient

How To: Device Details

Deploy individual Files or Configurations to a device

Component Details: awsclient

Configuration: awsclient file download allow lists

HowTo including Video: Send Files to a device

Trigger predefined Commands remotely, without the need to login

Component Details: awsclient

Configuration: awsclient remote command allow list

HowTo including Video: Trigger Remote Commands on a device

Access the data of your fleet via the browser or automated tools

Component Details: GUI

Component Details: API

Create secure license files and deploy them to a device

How To: Deploy Licenese Files

Component Details: awsclient

Use hardware security devices like HSM, Secure Element or TPM

Component Details: awsclient

Webinar Extract: What is so cool about Devicemanagement