You can download files to all locations listed in this file.

(info) Please remember: For every file like file.txt we still also send a signature file with the name file.txt.sig

If you only want to enable single files (which is best practice for security) then remember also to add the same filename with a trailing “.sig“

See this example file:

## Example for /mnt/config/aws/config/download_whitelist.txt
# Allow any file to be loaded into /data/download/ make sure the folder exists!
# Attention if you miss the trailing slash like "/data/download" only a file "download" could downloaded to /data/.
# But even this would fail as our system generates a second signature file. It has the ending "$file".sig
# The following shows how a single file can be described (indludiung the mandatory .sig) file.
# Allow a specific file like /root/mylicense.lic Note: to also add the autogenrated signature file

(blue star) For security reasons, the whitelist itself should not be changed with the file-download mechanism!

(info) We advise you to update this list with the RootFS or AppFS

(info) The path to this file can be freely configured in the awsclient configuration