Integration Guide - For your embedded projects

Our device management system was designed and built as a generic platform and service.

For many security functions, some additional security hardware features are advised.

Please find the necessary steps described in our IoT Device Suite Integration Guide:


The best performance and seamless integration are expected if you meet all our requirements on the hardware platform. But also without a security controller or secure element, our device management system can be used.

We would be also glad to give you expert advice in choosing the best hardware and components for your next IoT Platform. If needed, we can also help you create your own Device Management System in an infrastructure of your choice.

Each project and ECU are different. Don’t hesitate to contact us! We are glad to analyze your situation and help you find the best solution with or without our device management services. Just send us an email at and we will get back to you!


Our system is made to run with a tiny footprint. So the dependencies are only a few.

Software Update

„Any“ local Software update agent that is capable of flashing your device.


Additional dependencies for our SW Sync Client (rauc-hawkbit-updater)

  • curl

  • glib-2.0-native

  • json-glib

IoT Device Management Client

  • curl glib-2.0

  • glib-2.0-native

  • json-glib

  • openssl

  • sqlite3

Remote Connection via SSH

  • bash

  • openssh (client)

Yocto Linux

We provide a yocto - layer that makes the integration into yocto projects seamless.

One example can be viewed from our partner PHYTEC