You can also use our GUI to upload the “signed” software bundles to hawkBit server. Currently only “signed” bundles are accepted.

  1. In the “Overview” page you will find “hawkBit Administration” which gives overview of uploaded firmware bundles, upload new bundles and add tags to them.

  2. Open the hawkBit Administration page. In the “Upload” tab, you can set the Firmware Image name and version. Select the firmware bundle and click on “Upload”.
    This uploads your bundle to hawkBit server. Once the upload is finished, you will find it in “Available Firmware Images “ section

    You can also add “Tag” to uploaded bundle.

  3. To create new Tags navigate to “Tags” section and add or delete existing tags.

  4. The uploaded firmware bundles are also available in the “Firmware Update” tab in the individual target device.