Account creation and evaluating the IoT Suite

Free Demo Account

The quickest way to evaluate our system is to request a free demo-account. Demo-Account IoT Device Management

Here you can have a look into the GUI and see some data of real devices, but you cannot use your own devices.

PHYTEC – IoT Update and Device Management Kits

A great choice is to order one of

The Kit‘s Instruction guide will guide you to create your own Device Management account and directly onboard and connect the device for you.

It is also possible to add users or devices to that account.

ISOconnect and ISOconnect ECU Kits

BHTronik offers the ISOconnect platform for series projects, but also for evaluation.

Here you can also get full access to our system.


Raspberry Pi Development Kits

We also have industrial grade RPI 3 and RPI 4 based development Kits using yocto Linux and hardware Security modules like TPMs or Secure Elements for key storage.

Please ask our sales-Team for ordering information.